Interview with Chris Martin @ 
Getting Work to Work

Hosted by Chris Martin Studios, Getting Work To Work is an artist’s podcast for creative professionals looking to break down the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Chris interviewed me about a range of topics, from paying for labor to meditation. You can listen to that show here.

Interview with Aaron Scott @ 
OPB State of Wonder

State of Wonder is a weekly radio broadcast series published by OPB which regional art topics. You can listen to my feature here.

Marilyn Olmsted, Owner
Urban Float Vancouver

"Erika Bartlett's work in my float spa tells my story of the opening of my much loved business. From darkness to light, capturing the ups and downs of the process. Thank you for making such beauty!"

Nancy Pionk,
Mediation Coach

"A piece created by my friend Erika inspired me to pursue my destiny as a coach. Its title assured me of the correctness of my choice: 'we are fit for reality but we are destined for the unknown.' The light in the piece continues to inspire me through the twists and turns of this transition."

Sam Marroquin, Artist

"Erika Bartlett is an amazing artist, organizer and community activist! The work she is doing with Arts+Biz is revolutionary. By bringing individual artists together it is creating a strong community alliance and developing the personal and business relationships in Vancouver, WA and beyond."

J.R. Johnson,
Blue Heron International

"Look at this incredible piece of artwork everyday. Gives me a real sense of local pride."

"Erika Bartlett's artworks have enhanced many a place in the VanWA, DT. At Above & Below Artist Studio and Boomerang. The artworks have contributed to the art scene bringing a unique voice to our village."

Tom Relth, Artist & Curator
Boomerang Generosity Shop