"To Turn the Thought in to a New Way of Seeing" 

"To Turn the Thought in to a New Way of Seeing" 


I want my inspiration to be in your reach...

I have always been entrepreneurial, creative and hard working. I put careful thought in to my price points so that I can continue to do create and take care of my household. 

I know you work hard too. I want you to know that I respect that. 

That being said, should a piece interest you but you don't have the lump sum now, I gladly will work with you on a payment plan. The way it works is:

  • We decide on what timeline will be best for you and divide the total by that number
  • You make an initial payment to hold the piece
  • At this time you will receive a small print of the piece along with the terms of our plan
  • Once completed, you have new artwork for your collection!

1-6 month plans available and include sales tax when applicable. Payments are non-refundable as your artwork is not available for sale while it is being held.

Email me if you want to get started or have questions. Include the name of your future artwork along with your desired timeline.