Light, landscape, boundlessness... 

Studies show that art taps into the same part of the brain as meditation. Using elements of biophilic and evidence based design, I use photos of the sky to create patterns with thoughtful compositions and palettes. These patterns introduce feelings of light, expansion and atmosphere in to spaces by bringing the outside in.

I offer design solutions for health and wellness, corporate and public spaces. My high resolution patterns can be printed on a variety of substrates, adding atmosphere and a unique vision to your project from the foundation up. Tap in to my knowledge of cutting edge materials and passion for functional art.

Compassion is an important aspect of both meditation and humanity. 5% of every purchase of original fine art is donated to the coalition for Southwest Elderly Abuse Prevention. You can find out more about them at SWEAP.

Please contact me to find out how we can work together.


  • Woman Owned Business State #W2F0024741 Federal #D2F0024741
  • Completed Seattle Office of Arts & Culture's Public Art Bootcamp, March 2016
  • Co-Creator of Arts+Biz Quarterly