Storge – Family

In an intoxicated pact beyond beyond,
We chose two people and artifice-d their love
so that we could emerge and walk through the door.
So that we could be spirited in to this place.
I was given tools.
The ones I have kept are polished with my gratitude.
Others lost their meaning as I learned new ways.
If we are water,
the world is an ocean
and home is the river.
The source
No matter the turbulence
I cycle through teeming waves,
waiting for my ”self” to evaporate again,
to find my way back to the source.
I send signals from every port.
I keep their love with me always.
In various states of healing and brokenness
we move forward together,
never ceasing in our search for home.

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36X36” print on eco-friendly conVerd board.