Agape – Love for Strangers and Community

There are days when I see God in everyone
as a glimpse of something I don’t fully understand.
The mundane, the fighting, the speeding cars rush, crowd and push on me.
Boarded up
Hugs and kisses
Shared meals
Lost patience
Long days in our eyes
A shared desire for ease and safety
A unified wish to be loved
We bloom in one field.
We dine at one table.
We breathe one air.
We drink from one cup.
We are inseparable.
When the feeling is close it is as if my eyes are filled with gold
and the treasure is everywhere.
When it leaves life is clumsy again and disconnected.
A sentence filled with words in no order
I push my hands deeper in to the dirt to feel you again.
I cast my share out to feel you again.
I wait and watch everything closely to feel you again.
I turn to nothing to feel you again.

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36X36” print on eco-friendly conVerd board.